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Programmatic Enablement Platform for App Developers

MAX allows mobile publishers to activate direct programmatic connections to demand partners, then auction off inventory to the highest bidder. Our platform ensures that impressions go to the right buyer.

Developed by the team that brought programmatic to mobile.

For publishers, increased control, efficiency, and revenue.

MAX enables publishers to simultaneously collect bids from connected demand partners, then award inventory to the right buyer. Inventory allocation happens perfectly and automatically, based on real-time bids. The result of MAX’s transparent and reasonable pricing, publishers take back revenue share currently going to exchanges and SSPs. Parallel bidding offers a welcome alternative.

For buyers, direct access to more inventory and increased spending power.

MAX enables bidders to work directly with publishers. Buyers enjoy lower cost, uninhibited access to familiar and new supply. Our auction format gives demand partners the ability to buy with increased precision. We promote an even playing field across buyers. Our transparent and reasonable pricing enhances demand partner buying power.


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Our platform is trusted by market leading publishers and demand partners.

Easy to Integrate

MAX runs alongside your existing SSP or ad stack. Our platform allows you to gradually move your highest quality inventory to our programmatic layer, without drastic changes to your current workflow or ad serving infrastructure.

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